About the Center for Food Safety

University of Georgia founded the Center for Food Safety (CFS) in 1992 to promote food safety and its role in protecting the agricultural system. 

Since that time, CFS has been a leader of multidisciplinary, innovative research to improve the safety of food. CFS researchers develop ways to detect, control and eliminate harmful microorganisms and their toxins from the food supply. 

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that there are 48 million cases of foodborne illness annually in the U.S. That’s roughly one in six Americans who will contract a foodborne illness which come from such common products as produce, meat, fish, dairy and poultry. 

Most of these illnesses are caused by viruses, bacteria and parasites. Food safety is a vital component of the entire agricultural production system and is critical to ensuring food security.

Located about 35 miles south of Atlanta on UGA’s Griffin Campus, CFS’s state-of-the-art facilities enable faculty to conduct cutting-edge research in food safety. The expertise within CFS is broad and involves every stage of the food supply chain, from the growing fields and barns to consumers’ plates.


melton-building-conference-roomCFS is housed in the Melton Building located on the Griffin Campus about 35 miles south of Atlanta.


Through its programs, strong collaborative ties have been developed with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the USDA Russell Research Center, and research groups throughout the University of Georgia. 

CFS is supported through funding from federal and state partners including the CDC, FDA, USDA, Georgia Department of Agriculture, Georgia Department of Public Health and Florida Department of Health.

The Center also works closely with the food industry who contribute to CFS's research programs through their Center membership as either Board of Advisor or patron members. A list of current food industry members can be found on the Industry Members page.

Additional Information

Research findings are communicated through scientific publications, newsletters, this website and an annual meeting.

To learn more about specific research, visit CFS’s Faculty or Research web pages.

To visit CFS, directions may be found on the Griffin Campus website.