Meat and poultry cooking video goes viral!

With more than 1M views in Adam Ragusea’s YouTube channel, his video interview entitled “Why Rare Steak is Safe — but NOT Rare Chicken” with Prof. Diez proves to be a great media for learning food safety.

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The 5th Edition of Food Microbiology: Fundamentals and Frontiers has been published

CFS Founding Director Mike Doyle and Francisco Diez collaborated with Prof. Colin Hill from University College Cork in Ireland as co-editors of the thoroughly updated edition of this landmark textbook. Since its introduction in 1997, the purpose of Food Microbiology: Fundamentals and Frontiers has been to serve as an advanced reference that explores the breadth and depth of food microbiology. The Fifth Edition adds coverage of the ever-expanding tool chest of new and extraordinary molecular methods to address many of the roles that microorganisms play in the production, preservation, and safety of foods.

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Center for Food Safety Director

Francisco Diez-Gonzalez Director and Professor
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Recent Publications    

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