Center for Food Safety Faculty

Larry Beuchat

Professor Emeritus
Center for Food Safety



CAES Adjunct Faculty

Todd Riley Callaway Assistant Professor
Animal & Dairy Science
Mussie Habteselassie Associate Professor of Soil Microbiology
Crop & Soil Sciences
Mark A. Harrison Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor
Food Science & Technology
Yen-Con Hung Professor
Food Science & Technology
Abhinav Mishra Assistant Professor
Food Science & Technology
Manpreet Singh Professor
Poultry Science
Harshavardha Thippareddi John Bekkers Professor of Poultry Science
Poultry Science

External Adjunct Faculty

Jennifer Cannon

Adjunct Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of North Carolina
E-Mail: jcannon@uga.edu



Lee Katz

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Enteric Diseases Laboratory Branch
E-Mail: gzu2@cdc.gov

Arthur Liang

Center for Disease Control
Senior Advisor for Food Safety
Dept. Food Safety Office
Former Director
E-Mail: Apl@cdc.gov



Ramaraja Ramasamy

University of Georgia
Franklin College
Dept. Chemistry
Office Phone: (706) 542-4101
E-Mail: rama@uga.edu

Michael J. RothRock Jr.

United States Department of Agriculture
Egg Safety & Quality Research 
Dept. Microbiology
Office Phone: (706) 546-3072
E-Mail: michael.rothrock@ars.usda.gov

Mary Alice Smith

University of Georgia
Regenerative Bioscience Center (RBC)
Dept. Enviromental Science
Office Phone: (706) 542-1599
E-Mail: masmith@uga.edu

Jorge Vidal

Emory University
Rolling School of Public Health
Dept. Global Health
Assistant Professor
Office Phone:(404) 712-8675
E-Mail jvidalg@emory.edu

Jia-Sheng Wang

University of Georgia
Public Health
Dept. Enviromental Health Science
Professor, Department head
Office Phone: (706) 542-7121
E-Mail: jswang@uga.edu

Yiping Zhao

University of Georgia
Dept. Physics and Astronomy
Professor, DirectorNanoscale Science and Engineering Center
Office Phone: (706) 542-7792
E-Mail: zhaoy@physast.uga.edu